Hi everyone, I am Ama, the face behind ElminaVintage. 

I love everything beads, precious stones & metals, with an affinity for vintage beads. My African heritage with its rich bead wearing culture influences my design and choice of material.

I blend vintage, ethnic and contemporary beads with mixed metal & precious stones to create unique, one of a kind jewelry! Each piece is made with love. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Our Jewelry!

Our vintage beads are sourced mainly from Africa. Some of these beads have travelled at least three continents, and have small chips, corrosion and pitting, a normal part of their patina due to age. Some are also highly sought after, rare collectibles.

Handmade ethnic beads are a big part of our signature style. We source these from local artisans, bead smiths and metal smiths across Africa. Due to their handmade quality, each bead is unique in shape, size and markings. We say they are imperfectly perfect!

We source our complementary materials from all over the globe! We believe a good fusion of vintage, ethnic and contemporary produces show stoppers!

Thank you for all the Love & Support! Happy Shopping!